CINMENA now sixty nations strong

[Shingal, Ezidikhan. December 21, 2021] The Confederation of Indigenous Nations of the Middle East and North Africa today announced that from the original fifteen signatory nations, CINMENA has quadrupled in size to over sixty nations.

Shingal Conference of 2020
Shingal Conference of 2020 hosted representatives of some of the Middle East’s most ancient and endangered communities.

Fifteen months ago and after careful deliberation, in September 2020 an initial group of fifteen Indigenous nations or tribal bodies of the Middle East embarked on a journey of self-governing autonomy by ratifying the International Covenant on the Rights of Indigenous Nations (ICRIN).

Since that time, the number of ratifying nations has quadrupled to cover virtually the entire political map of the Middle East and North Africa.

Confederation of Indigenous Nations of the Middle East and North Africa.
Over 60 indigenous nations of the Middle East and North Africa have joined CINMENA and ratified ICRIN.

Article 2—Peaceful Means. The Parties of this Confederation undertake, as set forth in the Charter of the United Nations, to settle any international dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security and justice are not endangered.

Acknowledging that “adopting and implementing ICRIN is a long-term process”, CINMENA Convener Ms. Nallein Sowilo expressed hope that CINMENA nations would continue to act together in their common interest of restoring peace and security with justice and economic development for every member nation.

“We regard the Covenant as an important legal pillar supporting each nation’s jurisdiction and destiny. The authority is now with the government of each nation.”

—Nallein Sowilo

CINMENA signatory nations to ICRIN

(includes each nation’s ICRIN ratification document.)

  1. Abābdah Nation of Egypt and Sudan
  2. Adnanite Anazzah Tribe of Iraq
  3. Afghan Hindu Congress
  4. Ahwaz Nation of Iran
  5. Al-Anbar-Al-Jolan
  6. Al-Dulaimi Tribal Confederation of Iraq
  7. Al-Qaddafa Tribe
  8. Albu-Nasral-Tikriti
  9. Amazigh Tribes of Libya
  10. Amazigh Confederation of North Africa
  11. Amazigh Kabyle of Algeria
  12. Amazigh Tribes of Egypt
  13. Amazigh Tribes of Mali
  14. Amazigh Tribes of Morocco
  15. Amazigh Tribes of Niger
  16. Amazigh Tribes of Tunisia
  17. Anazzah Tribal Confederation of Iraq
  18. Bani Murra Romas of Jordan
  19. Confederation of Roma Tribes of the Middle East
  20. Domari Confederation of the Middle East
  21. East Kurdistan
  22. Ezidikhan Armenia
  23. Ezidikhan Georgia 
  24. Ezidikhan Iraq
  25. Ezidikhan Syria
  26. Anatolian Ezidikhan
  27. Fallujah Tribal Confederation
  28. Ḥizb Al-Ba’aṯ Al-‘Arabī Al-Ištir Tribe of Iraq
  29. Idlib Druze-Domari Alliance of Syria
  30. Jahalin Bedouin Tribe of Palestine
  31. Jews of Morocco
  32. Kalash Chitral Indigenous Tribal Coalition
  33. Kam Assembly of Turkey
  34. Khuzestan
  35. Kirkuk Bayat Tribe
  36. Kurdish Republic
  37. Laz Tribal Nation
  38. Luristan
  39. Maʻdān Nation of Iraq & Iran
  40. Mandaeans of Iraq Iran & Syria 
  41. Marsh Arab Tribal Nation
  42. Mullagori Tribes of Pakistan and Afghanistan
  43. Nineveh Tribal Assembly of Iraq
  44. Nubians of Upper Egypt
  45. Pashtun Tribes of Afghanistan
  46. Qashqai Tribes
  47. Rashaida Tribe of Bedouin Arabs
  48. Salahadin Tribe of Iraq
  49. Shabaks of Iraq
  50. Shammar Tribes of Iraq
  51. Sulukule (Roma) of Turkey
  52. Syrian Bedouin Confederation
  53. Tafsut Amazigh of Morocco
  54. Tuareg Tribes of North Africa
  55. Turkmen Tribes of Afghanistan
  56. Turkmen of Iran
  57. Turkmen of Syria
  58. Urugati Tribal Nation
  59. World Amazigh Congress
  60. Yarmouk Basin Nations
  61. Yarsan Nation of Iraq & Iran
  62. Yezidi Supreme Spiritual Council
  63. Zargari Nation of Iran
  64. Zagros Liberal Alliance of Iran
  65. Zoroastrians of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
  66. Zuwayya Tribal Nation

Confederation of Indigenous Nations of the Middle East and North Africa.
CINMENA grows to sixty nations