1993: Cultural Survival spearheaded Sri Lanka’s activities in the International Year (later Decade) of the World’s Indigenous People

CINMENA Secretary Patrick Harrigan trained in comparative religion and Indology at the University of Michigan and UC-Berkeley as an advocate of Indigenous peoples and nations. He has lived for 25 years in the Indian subcontinent since 1970 and is conversant in German, Hindi-Urdu, Nepali, Tamil, and Sinhala. His undergraduate and master’s studies were in Asian languages and Religious Studies at the University of Michigan, followed by further post-graduate studies at the University of California-Berkeley and at the University of Madras. Since 2014 he has been serving as policy consultant to the Yezidi Nation.

Patrick Harrigan is the author and publisher of numerous articles and websites that showcase the role of mythology in ancient religious beliefs and practices, especially concerning the pan-Indian war-god Skanda-Murugan and his multi-religious shrine in Kataragama, Sri Lanka.

As early as 1979 Patrick Harrigan facilitated the meeting of a visiting delegation of North American Indian tribal leaders with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharmshala.
In 1979 Patrick Harrigan facilitated the visit of a delegation of North American tribal leaders with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Since the late 1980’s he has helped to found and sustain Cultural Survival of Sri Lanka dedicated to promoting the viewpoints and interests of Sri Lanka’s traditional villagers, including the island’s shy forest-dwelling Veddas or Wanniyalaeto. He created and directed the Sri Lanka Children’s Trust from 2005-2009 as a response to the 2014 Asian tsunami.

Baba Sheikh Khurto Haji Ismael in Washington DC with Patrick Harrigan at left
2014: with Baba Sheikh Khurto Haji Ismael in Washington DC

Patrick Harrigan has been serving the Provisional Government of Ezidikhan since October 29th, 2014 when he was requested to meet with the Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail in Washington DC. Since 2014 he has served as Secretary of the Yezidi Sanatana Dharma Society responsible for CINMENA and Ezidikhan publications. He also serves as chief editor of CINMENA’s Board of Editors.

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Patrick Harrigan resides in Florida where he is a committed advocate of traditional attire, music, dances, lifestyles and worldviews, as well as the gentle martial art of aikido.

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