CINMENA Administrators

Baba Salem Daoud
Baba Salem Najman Daoud Beg

Convener Baba Salem Najman Daoud Beg, second only to the Baba Sheikh in the hierarchy of Ezidikhan Supreme Spiritual Council, is Ezidikhan’s chief diplomat who initiated and saw through negotiations, first with other Yezidi communities across the Middle East and then with neighboring indigenous nations as well, ultimately leading to the Shingal Conference of 2020

Co-convener Nallein Satana al-Jilwah Sowilo is descended from a long line of magi or mai, the caste of ancient religious and ritual leaders who read the sacred Avesta and other chants, and practice divination and astrology. Born in the Yezidis’ holy village of Shingal, she was named Nallein Tiffany Sowilo at birth. At age thirteen she received her spiritual name Yezidi al-Jilwah. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she serves the Yezidi cause worldwide.

Baba Sheikh Khurto Haji Ismael in Washington DC with Patrick Harrigan at left
CINMENA Secretary Patrick Harrigan with Baba Sheikh Khurto Haji Ismael

Since 2017 Ms. Sowilo has been the Ezidikhan Government’s Minister of Justice responsible for expediting efforts to bring justice with peace to victims of genocide. She is also responsible for CINMENA’s day-to-day communications with leaders of indigenous nations and allied NGOs. She is also an active member of the Preparatory Body constituted to plan, organize and convene a Congress of Nations and States.

CINMENA Secretary Patrick Harrigan is the Bureau Chief of Ezidikhan Public Information Bureau and Editor-in-Chief of CINMENA Editorial Board, is solely responsible for rendering Ezidikhan government policies into English. He has long been a friend and advocate of indigenous peoples and considers himself as a friend and loyal servant of the late Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismael and the nation of Ezidikhan since 2014.