With little more than grit and determination, Nallein Satana Saddam al-Jilwah Sowilo Shingal (b. August 27 1993) has managed to transform the face of minority politics of the Middle East in her tireless quest to “establish autonomy with justice for all indigenous peoples of the Middle East.”

Ms. Nallein Sowilo (at right) last visited Iraq for a friend’s wedding in 2019.

Born in Shingal, Iraq and emigrated to the United States in 2004, since 2014 she has served the cause of an autonomous Ezidikhan with peace and justice for victims of genocide, regardless of their ethnicity.

Since 2016 Nallein Sowilo’s appointment as the Justice Minister of the Provisional Government of Ezidikhan, she has pushed for an International Justice Tribunal with authority to prosecute instigators of crimes of genocide directed against tribal societies and indigenous nations. 

In networking and consulting with a remarkably broad range of 67 (and counting) allied tribal nations, Justice Minister Nallein Sowilo may speak softly, but she speaks with authority as President of the growing Confederation of Indigenous Nations of North Africa and the Middle East (CINMENA).