Declaration of the establishment of the Zagros Liberal Alliance

To world public opinion and to the public opinion of the nations occupied by the Iranian Persian chauvinist occupation regime.

The purpose of forming this alliance is not hostility and opposition to any nation, including the Persian nation. Rather, we strive to realize the rights of our nations peacefully and within the framework of international principles and laws.

Throughout history, our nations have been oppressed by Iranian rulers, our lands have been occupied and our underground resources and riches have been plundered, and they have tried to distort our history and our past and they have conducted a policy of denial and assimilation against us.

As part of the Zagros Alliance, we intend to expel the occupier from our land and free our nation from the clutches of outsiders and the danger of assimilation.

This alliance is not limited to these three liberal parties and welcomes political organizations from other nations in the region which have a national or liberal democratic policy, or who believe in such cooperation and alliance.

Why choose the name Zagros?

We have found it necessary to choose an appropriate name for this alliance, so that it does not define these nations in an Iranian way, and at the same time, it is a symbolic and common name for the neighboring nations in the regions that l Iran is called today. Most of these nations are located in, or near, the Zagros mountain range. That is, the mountain range that started from Kurdistan, like a connecting thread, covers many parts of the borders of different nations and gives them a root with a history of thousands of years for proximity and the spirit of harmony, peace and tranquility.

Accordingly, only the Zagros is a suitable name and center for the unification of all the nations of the region for this alliance.

Alliance Strategy: The current fundamental and strategic affairs of this Alliance are the beginning of a joint relationship with important countries in the region and the world, such as European countries, the United States, the Middle East and global liberal organizations.

With the aim of gaining political, humanitarian and media support from the oppressed nations within the framework of this forced border called Iran.

Long live the freedom of all the world’s nationalities.

Arif Bawecani,

Leader of Zagros Liberal Alliance

The parties of the Zagros Alliance are

  1. Parti Serbesti Kurdistan (East Kurdistan)
  2. Ahwaz Liberal Parti, ( Ahwaz )
  3. Caspian Democratic Parti, ( Caspian region )

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