Volunteer Service

Tsunami recovery volunteer, Sri Lanka
Tsunami recovery volunteer, Sri Lanka
  • Are you bi-lingual or multi-lingual?
  • Lived abroad?
  • Worked with indigenous people?
  • Background in law or publishing?
  • Experienced writer or editor?
  • Retired editor or publisher?
  • Current or former resident in Middle East or North Africa?

Indigenous nations across the Middle East and North Africa need technical assistance from experienced or retired professionals with an abiding interest in seeing indigenous cultures survive and flourish.

CINMENA volunteers work remotely from home on a pro bono basis. You can make a decisive contribution to the future of entire nations—all in your spare time, without ever leaving home!

The CINMENA Board of Editors are all part-time pro bono volunteers.

Interested? Contract: CINMENA Secretary Patrick Harrigan